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We also see our responsibility as lawyers in seeking solutions to conflicts in appropriate cases through structured voluntary processes of mediation. In the mediation process, the parties reach independent, sound and legally-binding solutions with the guidance of the mediator without the publicity of ordinary legal proceedings. Mediation is recommended if a conflict of interests becomes apparent, which can be avoided or clarified via an exchange of the background to the conflict.

In many cases, a concluded mediation process settles conflicts more durably than litigation, as it brings about solutions with the voluntary involvement of all parties. The solution found gains long-term acceptance through the autonomous involvement of all parties in the process. Mediation processes are recommended also on account of the time advantages, which lie in the participating persons' own sovereignty for the progress of the process. We conduct mediation processes in our chambers and also optionally accompany you in internal court mediation processes. We regularly update our skills in order to continue to teach the optimum negotiation techniques.

In order to be able to offer competent assistance to you, we concentrate on applying the process approach of mediation to our core competences as a commercial law firm. In particular, conflicts with long-standing business partners can be settled in order to save the business relationship in the future. Even disagreements between Managing Directors of a company about the strategic orientation can be amenable to mediation. Beyond commercial law conflicts, we apply mediation only in the event of generation gaps in the corporate succession.

We conclude a legally-binding final agreement at the end of any positively completed mediation.