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Handling of litigation/arbitration court

On the basis of our long-standing and wide-ranging competence in our core consultancy fields, we conduct legal proceedings for our clients both before ordinary courts, employment and finance courts and above all before arbitration courts.
The wide-ranging experience with the configuration and negotiation of contracts provides certainty when assessing the factual and legal position both in legal proceedings as a plaintiff and as a defendant.

The basis of a successful handling of litigation is always a detailed processing of the circumstances that are due for a ruling. Only after that comes the specific legal evaluation. This applies in ordinary courts as well as before arbitration courts. In the latter case, there is only one instance that ultimately rules. The court chosen by the parties themselves is generally particularly competent. We therefore favour arbitration proceedings. They result in definitive and final outcomes in a manageable period.

We can look back on an extremely high proportion of legal proceedings as a plaintiff and as a defendant successfully conducted.