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Property law

In the area of property law, we offer you firstly a comprehensive practical consultation on all questions of commercial tenancy and leasehold law. Our sphere of activity in this connection entails not just your advice before conclusion of a contract, but also the judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of claims of our clients during and after termination of the contractual relationship.

Secondly, one central element of our property law experience lies in the advising of our clients with the sale or purchase of commercial or private properties. Our function here consists, on the one hand, of drawing up and negotiating a purchase agreement optimally adapted to your specific needs.

In addition, when required, we also conduct a legal due diligence on the subject-matter of the purchase. Particularly in the run-up to a commercial transaction, a buyer should namely not only secure information about the substance of the structure, but also about the substance of the tenancy and other contractual relationships transferring with the purchase of the property. If the subject-matter of the purchase is used as an investment property, verification of the intrinsic value and legal validity of the lease agreements is essential. Only by this means can the risks associated with a transaction be realistically assessed. In addition, we support you also in the financing and processing of your transaction.

Furthermore, we also assist away from the normal paths of structured property transactions. In practice, the purchase of a property is not necessarily carried out by concluding a property purchase agreement. Particularly if a company is owner of the property, a purchase of the company as a fiscally attractive alternative to the property purchase is also possible. In view of our expertise in company and project contract law, we are able also to successfully and efficiently assist with such special combinations of circumstances.

Our spectrum of services: